Global Energy Certification (GEC)

The Global Energy Certification (GEC) designation is a 100% online-based energy industry training and certification program that can be completed as quickly as you’d like. With 12 examination dates offered each year, the GEC program is flexible and made to fit your schedule. The GEC program is the most popular and trusted certification program built exclusively by and for energy industry professionals.

Professional Development 

The GEC certification is an invaluable professional and business asset within your portfolio of educational and business qualifications. The GEC certification will give each certified student a professional certification in energy intelligence knowledge. You will be able to add this professional certification to your CV to boost your profile for the international job market.


Gain Energy Industry Knowledge

GEC provides a professional certification of comprehensive energy industry intelligence. The certification is for professionals and students studying and working within the energy world and also for those seeking to join and understand it. The certification provides the unique opportunity to recognize professional development and achievement for global energy market knowledge.


A Valuable CV Asset for Career Development

GEC provides students with a global industry overview and industry perspective. It allows each and every individual student to understand key concepts and future market projections. This course provides the student with global market insight and vision to create future energy industry leaders. The course is suitable for energy professionals and those entering the industry.


Quotes from an Energy Professional

NRG Expert Analysts are often asked to provide insights on energy topics that make the news. Click below for a selection of those clips and quotes.


GEC is a division of NRG Expert, recognized and trusted as a global provider of premium energy  data, analysis and research. This puts GEC is the unparalleled and privileged position of being able to share the data and analysis of one of the leading global independent market research companies. This is why the GEC course is so robust and informative. As a student you are able to gain insight into the most trusted, robust global data and analysis available. The GEC course is recognized as an industry standard for energy industry knowledge training.

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Broaden Your Skillset

The GEC Designation is designed to ensure that participants master a certain level of energy industry knowledge across ten learning modules. This certification provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills to become an efficient and effective member of an energy industry management, sales, consulting, or analyst team.

     Why Take the GEC Certification?

A truly international, cross-cultural interactive learning environment, with a focus on personal and energy leadership development.

Course & Syllabus

The GEC Designation Program is a 100% online continuing education course. The GEC certifies that you have mastered a certain breadth and depth of energy industry knowledge to help you excel within your current energy industry position or enter the energy industry.

Please download the GEC Handbook & Study Guide for full details.

Exam Format & Dates

GEC Exam Format and Dates

Committee of Quality Assessors

The GEC exam papers are compiled and marked by authorities and quality assessors such as senior NRG Expert directors and energy industry experts with up to 40 combined years of theoretical and practical energy experience; and independently audited by NRG Expert before the GEC Certificate is awarded.

The exams, and the materials leading to the exams, are rigorously and continuously assessed by NRG Expert to ensure that they meet a consistent standard of knowledge expected within the industry.

What people are saying  about GEC

Anne Smythe – Director- Energy Industry

Edward Jones – Student, London

Gérald Thibaud – Student, Paris

Scott Wallis – Energy Professional, USA

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