GEC Exam Format and Dates

Committee of Quality Assessors

What is the exam format and dates?

The GEC exam are compiled and marked by authorities and quality assessors such as senior NRG Expert directors and energy industry experts with up to 40 combined years of theoretical and practical energy experience; and independently audited by NRG Expert before the GEC Certificate is awarded.

The exams, and the materials leading to the exams, are rigorously and continuously assessed by NRG Expert to ensure that they meet a consistent standard of knowledge expected within the industry.

Examination and Training Requirement

All GEC candidates must spend at least 100 hours reading and studying the course materials and complete and pass in a two-hour time frame a written multiple choice exam which is proctored by an approved online exam administrator.

An intensive jobs task analysis was performed for the GEC and a weighted percentage of topics was developed for the GEC Study Guide, taken from the NRG Expert Intelligence Unit. Although a specific number of exam questions for each topic will not be provided, as it may change, the number of questions on the exam will align with the content percentages listed in the GEC Study Guide.

The GEC designation is now open for registration to new members on a rolling admissions basis. You can join at any time and complete the program at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

Examination Dates

Exam Date: Must Register For the Course By:
January 10th December 1st
February 10th January 1st
March 10th February 1st
April 10th March 1st
May 10th April 1st
June 10th May 1st
July 10th June 1st
August 10th July 1st
September 10th August 1st
October 10th September 1st
November 10th October 1st
December 10th December 1st

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