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About NRG Expert

NRG Expert provides cutting-edge energy market reports, databases, forecasts, consultancy and analysis to the world’s leading companies, consultancies and investment houses. The company provides access to over a million lines of world-wide energy data, analysis and information, collected from 100+ trusted sources. NRG Expert authors a vast portfolio of Energy Industry market research and intelligence products that are on the Bloomberg and EBSCO Platforms, and sold through prestigious market research sources worldwide.  Clients include Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting, the World Bank, Citibank, Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB, Bloomberg, and many other prominent international organisations and governments worldwide.



If you would like to file a complaint against an individual GEC designate please contact:

The GEC Certification Director
c/o NRG Expert
103 Latymer Court
Hammersmith Road, London
W6 7JF, United Kingdom

(This is a postal address only, no counter service is provided at this location)


Suspension or Revocation of Certification

The certification board reserves the right to revoke certification due to violation of the GEC’s exam rules.

Global Energy Certification

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