As one of our enrolled students have you downloaded your GEC Course Books Yet? Please use the secure link provided to you in your confirmation of registration email.

Please note that you have 2 weeks to download your GEC course materials after registration. Please contact us at if you are having trouble downloading your course materials or your link or login credentials have expired.
Please Refer to The GEC Handbook & Study Guide for further information on how to prepare for the exam.

When and where to take the exam

Examinations for enrolled students are held on the 10th of each month, giving you 12 opportunities to test each year. Exams are held on January 10th, February 10th, March 10th, April 10th, May 10th, June 10th, July 10th, August 10th, September 10th, October 10th, November 10th, and December 10th. You will need your exam login details originally sent to you in your confirmation of registration email in order to take the exam.

Take the exam now

On your chosen examination date you have 24 hours to begin your two-hour allotted time slot. This means that you can take the exam at any time between 12:01AM and 11:59PM Eastern Time (GMT-5) on the date of your exam. (For corresponding times for your geographical location, please change the hours accordingly.) You will be sent the link and your login information at the time of registration. You will then have the allotted time aforementioned to start and complete the 2-hour exam.

You can begin your two-hour time slot at any time. In regards to the location of the exam, you can take the exam from home, work, the library, etc. The GEC is a 100% online certification program. That means there are no testing centers or classes offline, so you can complete the program at your pace, leisure, and on your schedule. Examinations are held on the 10th of each month, giving you 11 opportunities to take the test once after registration.

If you unable to take the exam within the 12 months following registration, you can move it to a future exam date. Please contact us BEFORE the expiry of the 12 months. We are here to help, and we can usually accommodate you for no additional cost. If you do not contact us within the 12 month period following registration but still wish to sit your examination a $240 fee to reschedule your exam will be incurred.

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