The GEC certification is the Mark of an Energy Professional.

The Programme provides:

  • A flexible distance learning programme that enables candidates to combine executive studies with a full-time job.
  • Taught and tested in English, and administered by a professional independent online examination organisation.
  • Developed by NRG Expert, a global leader in Energy Market Research, in cooperation with leading companies and institutions in the energy field.
  • Focused on corporate energy issues, key industry terms and terminology and professional skills.
  • A truly international, cross-cultural interactive learning environment, with a focus on personal and energy leadership development.
  • An opportunity to develop energy research, analyst and consultancy skills.
  • A programme which incorporates recognised industry leading market research reports and databases as part of its syllabus.
  • An excellent networking opportunity aided by NRG Expert’s vast database of clients
  • Provided by an Energy Research and Intelligence institution with proven global excellence whose clients include Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting, the World Bank, Citibank, Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB, Bloomberg, and many other prominent international organisations and governments worldwide.

The programme is professionally orientated and designed to give participants a comprehensive understanding of key energy issues and energy business concepts, analytics, background and terminology. Designed for outstanding professionals young and old, it is suitable for both experienced energy-sector workers and those wishing to move into the industry.

Resume & Pedigree Upgrade: If you complete our certification program and pass our challenging online examination, you should be able to add the following entry to the Education & Training section of your Resume:

Global Energy Certification (GEC) Awarded by NRG Expert (London, United Kingdom) for Professional Achievement & Development.

    • Completed challenging Global energy professional achievement and development programme covering international financial, legal, regulatory, and economic energy issues.
    • Obtained an ___% on the two-hour GEC international examination covering key industry terminology, Industry Deregulation & Privatisation, new technologies, the electrical supply industry, gas supply industry, Water supply & Waste, Renewables, Fossil Fuel and Conventional Energy, Hydrocarbons and Energy Finance.
    • NRG Expert certified as holding a high level of specialized energy industry knowledge.



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