Practice makes perfect: How proper preparation for psychometric reasoning tests can help you land your dream job.

May 29, 2018

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Psychometric reasoning tests are becoming an increasingly common part of the job application process, and the chances are that you will have already had to complete reasoning tests at some point in the past. The reason for their continuing popularity is two-fold. Firstly, they are a really effective way of working out whether someone has the intellectual ability to successfully complete the job. Secondly, they are a cheap and effective way of screening out large numbers of candidates.

How are psychometric tests used?

Best practice psychometric reasoning tests identify a level of ability that is necessary for success in the role, and then set this performance level as a baseline that candidates must achieve in order to progress in the selection process. This baseline will vary from job to job; for example, if a role requires a high level of problem solving and the candidate must be able to understand and respond to novel situations, then the recruiter is likely to require a high level of performance on an Abstract Reasoning Test. This is common in leadership or programmer roles. Alternatively, if a job requires the candidates to be able to understand basic written and numerical information, then the recruiter is likely to set a fairly low level of performance on Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests as the required standard. This is often seen in customer service roles for example.

How to perform at your best in psychometric tests

Many people dislike psychometric tests because they see them as difficult, pointless and impersonal. They feel that if they could just get in front of an actual employer they could convince them that they are the right candidate for the role. However, psychometric tests are here to stay and it is important that you are able to successfully complete them. They are designed to be challenging and distinguish between the ability levels of candidates so developing skill in passing these tests is critical for your future career success.

There are a number of activities that are particularly useful when preparing for psychometric tests:

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