Edward Jones, Student, London, UK.

“I was looking for a professional course to give me an edge for my job search post university. The GEC certification has helped me with knowledge and staying one step ahead of other candidates.”

Gerauld Thibaud, Student, Paris, France.

“I was very pleased to find this course. I have moved to London and needed a great English professional qualification to help with my job search. I have found the GEC Certification to be very beneficial.”

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    Learn about the global energy markets

    The GEC Designation Program is a 100% online continuing education course. If you have achieved the GEC certification, it means that you have mastered a certain breadth and depth of energy industry knowledge to help you excel within your current energy industry position or enter the energy industry.



    The GEC Designation is designed to ensure that participants master a certain level of energy industry knowledge across ten learning modules. This certification provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills to become an efficient and effective member of an energy industry management, sales, consulting, or analyst team.

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    Scott Wallis, Energy Professional, USA.

    “I am always looking for ways to improve my professional training, I wanted a course that could really add and broaden my knowledge. I have found the GEC Certification to be interesting and I think it will really add to my skill set.”

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    Registration for the GEC program is open all year round and to anyone anywhere in the world. Examinations are held online on the 10th of every month. They can be taken at a time convenient to you wherever you are in the world.