5 Reasons Industry Knowledge Will Fast Track Your Career

It might seem obvious that having an in-depth knowledge of a certain industry will fast track your career but you would be surprised at how many people overlook this simple fact. In today’s job market, knowledge is a valuable commodity purely for the fact that it is one of the few things that cannot be instantly acquired. Unlike almost every other commodity, which can be bought, ordered or delivered within a matter of hours, knowledge takes time to gain and this makes it all the more valuable. So, how can knowledge – and particularly industry knowledge – help fast track you career? Carry on reading and find out.

Create an Established Work Ethic

If you are willing to discipline yourself to spend X number of hours each day or week learning and improving your knowledge base then you will very quickly come to understand the value of hard work. This is beneficial in two ways. Not only will it help you with your career in the future but it will also show your employers that you’re not afraid of putting in a few extra hours. Hard workers are becoming a rare breed so make sure you’re one of them and you will reap the benefits.

Knowledge is Power

This age old saying is just as applicable now as it was when Sir Francis Bacon first uttered it back in the 16th century. As aforementioned, knowledge cannot be bought, making it a golden key to unlocking secrets that will help you fast track your career. The simple fact of the matter is that if you know something and someone else doesn’t, you are in an unrivalled position of superiority. Use this to your advantage and impress your boss with your in-depth knowledge. You’ll soon see how quickly those promotions start heading your way.

Project Your Confidence

Having a substantial amount of industry knowledge is great for impressing other people – particularly those capable of progressing your career – but one of the most important reasons for having this knowledge is to increase your own confidence. If you feel like an expert on a subject then this confidence and ease with which you talk about the industry will shine through and make you feel a lot more comfortable in your job.

Knowledge Gives You Freedom

Once you have a decent amount of industry knowledge you will be able to rise up through the ranks of your career. In many companies, higher positions within companies come with better salaries, more holiday and the chance to focus on what you want to work on, rather than taking orders from your superiors. With these perks, you will find your work much more enjoyable – and your leisure time as well!

Increase Your Appeal

When employers have to look at 100 carbon copy CVs for every job they advertise, seeing someone with something a bit different is attention-grabbing and real breath of fresh air. Highlighting your industry knowledge when applying for jobs is a sure-fire way of letting your potential employers know that he or she should take you seriously and that you really know what you’re talking about.