5 Reasons Training is Important to Career Success

It goes without saying that in today’s job market, the better qualified you are, the better your career choices are going to be. With the majority of the professional workforce being in possession of a degree, diploma or other formal qualification, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get yourself noticed enough to nail that dream job. This is where a bit of extra training can be the golden goose to furthering your professional development. Sure, it might be time-consuming and expensive but when you look at it as a long-term investment it really doesn’t seem so bad. Need a bit more convincing? Here are our reasons why a bit of extra training can do wonders for your career success.

1. Stand Out

This one might seem obvious but you shouldn’t underestimate just how important it is. Employers normally receive dozens or even hundreds of applications for the same job so if you don’t want yours going straight in the trash you need to grab their attention. A bit of extra training on top of your formal education is the cherry on top that will make your potential future boss give your CV a second glance.

2. Easy to Hire

By showing that you have a more advanced skill set or knowledge base than your competitors, you are making yourself much easier to hire. If you have already done relevant training for the job you are applying to, you have just made the life of your boss significantly easier as they won’t need to spend as much time training you themselves.

3. Personal Development

Take your quest for career success out of the equation for a second and have a think about how professional development affects your personal development. Whilst doing your training, you will be learning skills that will benefit you both in and out of the workplace, such as time management, workflow management and concentration.

4. Confidence

Completing a training course is a sure-fire way to become vastly more knowledgeable about a given sector. With this increased knowledge you will be able to speak confidently about the industry in which you are applying for jobs. This will shine through in interviews and make you a much more desirable candidate.

5. Work Ethic

Nothing gets your further in life than a solid work ethic. Those who understand the value of hard work are almost guaranteed to succeed in their career. By undertaking a training course of your own back you are proving to everyone that you are committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve something. Ambition like this is incredibly appealing to future employers. In addition this, you are setting yourself up nicely to work hard in the future as this work ethic will already be ingrained in your psyche.