A Valuable Tool for Anyone

Global Energy Certification is an indispensable tool for individuals who wish to further their skills and knowledge of the energy industry and stand out amongst their peers. GEC is an online learning program and exam which tests your knowledge of key industry elements. The set-up allows flexibility and for the participants to work at their own pace. With 12 examination dates set each year, the program is designed for you to take the test as soon as you feel ready.

GEC was put together by industry leading experts and is an exclusive designation reserved for those who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the energy industry. GEC is a leading designation that distinguishes the holders and recognizes the merits and contributions to the energy industry through demonstrating their knowledge and skillset.

Enrolling in the GEC course gives participants access to a wealth of energy data which will supplement existing knowledge, or build up the participants knowledge to the highest standard. The course is modular which will allow the participants to choose their focus areas based on prior knowledge and it allows the participants to focus on how they learn best.

With the backing of NRG Expert, Global Energy Certification stands out above the crowd as being supported and developed by an industry-leading intelligence and data provider which ensures that the participants receive comprehensive and in-depth training, as well as access to a rich source of data covering all aspects of the Energy industry.