Back to University – GEC is a great complement to University studies

It’s that time of the year when students are dusting off their books; desperately searching for pens that work; and getting ready to start a new academic year. Suddenly the thrills of summer dissolve and everyone tries their best to switch back into work mode so they can complete yet another year of formal education. It is a time of excitement, stress and new-found energy.

Yet, for some people this will be the first time since they were four years old that they won’t be returning to education. Of course, these are the recent university graduates. For the first time in their lives they now have to make a decision about what comes next. No more relying on going back to school in September – it’s time for the real world. Or is it?

What happens if you have graduated but you still don’t feel like you’re ready to launch into a career? If this is the case then you might benefit from some further studies by way of an online course to help you with your professional development. It certainly can’t hurt to have another qualification behind you as you enter the increasingly competitive current job market.

This is where the Global Energy Certification (GEC) can be a godsend for those hoping to enter into a career in the energy sector. Open to everyone, regardless of what they studied for their Bachelor’s Degree, the GEC will bring you up to speed of the global energy market and get you employment-ready.

The course was designed and created by NRG Expert, a leading energy market research company that produces reports and databases about all aspects of the energy sector. Experts in the subject, the company has pooled its resources and the knowledge of its team on analysts in order to help shape the next generation of energy experts.

The GEC is an online course, which in itself presents its students with a number of benefits. Naturally, when you graduate from university, you will probably need to find a form of income in order to keep you going until you land your dream job. Online courses are, by their very nature, flexible enough to allow you to work and study at the same time. The fact that they can be done remotely is a huge advantage as well.

Working and studying simultaneously can be stressful but is guaranteed to pay off with dividends when you can add your new qualification to your CV. This immediately puts you one step ahead of your peers who are applying to the same job with just a degree and nothing more. Not only will you be more knowledgeable about the sector, but your potential future employer will see that you have the initiative to engage in some serious professional development to make yourself a more attractive candidate.

As you can see, the GEC can complement your studies excellently if you have the drive to take it on. By completing the online course you are demonstrating that you take a career in energy seriously and are willing to work hard to prove it. After all, going back into education after finally graduating is not an easy decision.

So, just because you are now a graduate and everyone else seems to be settling into employment doesn’t mean you need to rush into a career. Take your time and build up your skills – you will be amazed at what this will help you achieve in the long run.