The Benefits of Professional Development

A new generation is entering the workforce and there are few sectors so dynamic as the Energy Sector. Even though the price of oil is putting a dampening spell on job opportunities in certain areas of the industry, now is still the time to give yourself a leg up and set yourself apart from the crowd with professional development tools.One such way of distinguishing yourself from others in a job interview and on your résumé is to enhance your skillset with professional certifications, such as GEC offers. In practice, what does this offer, though. We’ve set out four reasons below why ongoing professional development is key in the workplace today:

Professional Development keeps you current

Gone are the days where you would spend hours on end studying and wondering how you were ever going to put the theory into practice. With individual certifications, you kan refresh your skills and focus on the one area of the course putting you a step ahead.

You acquire new skills

Not only do you refresh your skills, you also learn more about a more concentrated topic. Not only that, you also are able to directly apply the skills and knowledge in the field. The benefits of professional development are multi-faceted and doesn’t just focus on the academics of a field.

You gain more specialist knowledge

With a professional designation you set yourself a part as someone with specialist knowledge. the courses are focused and modular allowing you to really dedicate time and thought to the material.

Professional Development helps you Network

At networking events or other business-social occasions, your designation will offer you the chance to speak with your peers on a different level. You are proven to possess knowledge and skills that set you apart and this is your time to shine.

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