Benefits of Professional Qualifications

Once you’ve done your time at university and come out of it with a nice, shiny degree, you might be tempted to think that the world is now your oyster and jobs will just fall into your lap. I hate to be the bringer of bad news but this isn’t going to happen. Nowadays you need more than just a degree to land those top jobs. Experience goes a long way when it comes to job-hunting, employers love to see that you’ve already done the job you’re asking for so they don’t have to spend time and resources training you up from scratch. What also looks good on your CV is a range of professional qualifications – think marketing diploma, IT qualifications and financial certifications. Yes, the last thing you want to do when you finish your education is more education but it really is worth it. Read on to find out why.

You Stand Out

Nowadays, everyone and their dog has a degree in something from somewhere so unless you’ve got a triple first in astrophysics from Cambridge, you’re not really that special. However, by getting a professional qualification you suddenly have something that a lot of other candidates won’t have and that will get your applications placed far closer to the top of the pile.

You Know More

If you want to pursue a career in something, it makes sense that you know as much as you can about that field. By taking a professional qualification in the industry you are hoping to conquer, you will be much better placed to actually do the job that you are applying for. Not only this, but you will have all that knowledge from your degree stored away in your head – double the knowledge of someone who just has one or the other.

Show Your Passion

If you really have a passion for the energy sector or computing, what better way to show it than by completing a relevant professional qualification? Your employer will be impressed that you went the extra mile and will be clearly able to see that you take this seriously. You are effectively showing that you didn’t just find this job online and thought it would be fine, you really want to be in this sector and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

You’re No Commitment-Phobe

The fact that you spent a significant amount of your time gaining a professional qualification to apply for a job in this specific area will let your employer know that you’re not just going to quit after 6 months when you find something better. If your whole CV is tailored to this sector then your future boss will feel much more confident that you’re in it for the long-haul and therefore worth investing in.