Energy Career Profile: Hazardous Waste Technician

Highly important however underrated, the function of the hazardous waste professional is one of vital importance. The energy world is ending up being greener every day, with new innovations and installations turning up regularly. We aren’t 100% renewably powered simply yet and in the meantime, there are some nasty side products of our energy generation […]

Energy Career Profile: Glaciologist

Are you looking for a profession in the energy sector that is fulfilling, fascinating and that sounds truly cool? Then grab your laptop and start your application to be a glaciologist. As worldwide warming ramps up and the polar ice caps continue to decrease at unmatched rates, there has actually never ever been a more […]

The Largest Energy Companies worldwide

When looking at company profits, it’s no surprise to see 6 energy companies in the leading 10 largest business note worldwide. Of those 6 business noted in the leading 10, 5 are directly included in the oil and gas industry. It is curious to note, however, that among the privately held companies, so leaving out […]

The advantages of an energy education

With numerous different types of tasks in the energy sector, there are also many more university courses and programs that can assist you get a job in the sector. Having a professional certification geared particularly towards the energy sector can assist increase your credentials and provide you the knowledge and skillset to grow. Taking courses […]