European and German Solar PV Markets

Europe As the largest market in the world, Germany historically has dominated the European market overwhelmingly, with three dominant companies. These were SolarWorld AG, an integrated solar company involved in all steps of the value chain, Q-Cell, a new participant with ambitious plans and Schott Solar (formerly RWE Schott Solar). The solar boom in Spain […]

Spanish Wind Offshore Resources

Offshore capacity will play an increasingly important role in Spain’s future wind energy production. In March 2009 the Spanish government approved an offshore wind map that establishes a grading system for suitable areas as well as exclusion zones. The government also published a resolution in April 2009 that gives legal status to the map, meaning […]

The History of the US Natural Gas Market 1989-2000

1989 Natural Gas Wellhead Decontrol Act This act completed the process of deregulating wellhead prices. It required the removal of all price controls on wellhead sales with effect from 1 January, 1993, allowing natural gas prices to be freely set in the market. 1991 Mega-Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Mega-NOPR) FERC requested comments from consumers and […]

The History of the US Natural Gas Market from 1978 – 1989

Natural Gas Policy Act The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) was created out of the old FPC and directed to reform natural gas pricing. Essentially this was a reversal of the Phillip’s decision as it allowed the deregulation of wellhead gas prices. Production increased dramatically in response to pent-up demand which led to a gas […]

The importance of hydro power to electricity generation

Hydro power is much more significant as a generator of electricity. At 15.9% hydro power currently has a larger share than nuclear power which has 13.5%. Hydro power is the most important renewable energy source for the generation of electricity. Hydroelectric resources The theoretical size of worldwide hydropower is about 3,000 GW, four times greater […]

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