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Energy Career Profile: Horticulturist

There are few things on earth more pleasing to witness than natural appeal. This might can be found in the type of a lavish meadow, a. verdant fjord, a jungle filled with tropical flowers, or just about any other. landscape you could think of. No matter how effective and creative Mother. Nature might be, she […]

Energy Career Profile: Forestry Technician

The scope for energy careers is large. Energy production and policy is at one end of the spectrum, while environmental preservation sits at the other. In between are all kinds of tech-focused jobs that look for ways to integrate energy production with the greatest level of environmental protection. Virtually all locations of the natural world […]

Energy Career Profile: Ecologist

The world remains in a real pickle right now because of harmful human behaviour. There is hope that we can pull the world back from the edge, but we need the assistance of promising young energy and environment experts to do so. Today we will look at what it takes to be an ecologist and […]

Energy Career Profile: Limnologist

You could definitely be forgiven for living your life up until this point without ever knowing what a limnologist is. If you are preparing on embarking on a career in the energy field, it is important to be totally notified of all of the areas in which you could work. So, let’s begin with the […]

Energy Career Profile: Hazardous Waste Technician

Highly important however underrated, the function of the hazardous waste professional is one of vital importance. The energy world is ending up being greener every day, with new innovations and installations turning up regularly. We aren’t 100% renewably powered simply yet and in the meantime, there are some nasty side products of our energy generation […]

Energy Career Profile: Glaciologist

Are you looking for a profession in the energy sector that is fulfilling, fascinating and that sounds truly cool? Then grab your laptop and start your application to be a glaciologist. As worldwide warming ramps up and the polar ice caps continue to decrease at unmatched rates, there has actually never ever been a more […]

The Largest Energy Companies worldwide

When looking at company profits, it’s no surprise to see 6 energy companies in the leading 10 largest business note worldwide. Of those 6 business noted in the leading 10, 5 are directly included in the oil and gas industry. It is curious to note, however, that among the privately held companies, so leaving out […]