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The History of the US Natural Gas Market from 1978 – 1989

Natural Gas Policy Act The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) was created out of the old FPC and directed to reform natural gas pricing. Essentially this was a reversal of the Phillip’s decision as it allowed the deregulation of wellhead gas prices. Production increased dramatically in response to pent-up demand which led to a gas […]

Smart Meter Security

In the wrong hands, technology exists whereby on a small scale, a neighbour could turn off another neighbour’s power supply. Moving up rogue groups could cause widespread power outages or co-ordinate power outages to attack sensitive facilities. At the largest scale governments could remotely shut down smart meters to meet energy saving targets or to […]

Calculations to determine reserve values

There are two primary ways to determine reserve quantities: the volumetric method and decline curve analysis. The volumetric method This calculation is derived from the formulae – Gas-in-Place = 43,560 * A * H * f * Sg * Bg Reserves = (Recovery Factor) * (Gas-in-Place) This method may appear to be fairly ironclad until […]

Talking Energy

Periodically, NRG Expert releases its Talking Energy Newsletter. Taking Energy takes a look at the energy stories making the news. Presented as a digest, information from around the world and around the internet is shown together with the full links to the articles’ original source. Fit into a number of broad categories, Talking Energy always […]

Ocean Energy 2005

Ocean Energy 2005 – from the NRG Expert Historical Energy Data Series Ocean energy is mostly in an experimental stage. Many ideas have been generated and a lot of experimental projects are being funded both by governments and commercially. These range from technologies and schemes which produce small amounts of energy for local, often dedicated […]

Water Deregulation Report 2008

Water Deregulation Report 2008 – Historical NRG Expert Energy Data Series Although the absolute figure looks large, the water and waste sector lags sadly behind other the infrastructure sectors in the private investment it receives. By the end of 2006 526 PSP projects worth a cumulative total of $53 billion had been closed in the […]

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