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Commercial Energy Use

Data centres, processing centres and server farms are a significant source of growing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Server use is usually under 6% of capacity and facility use is rarely at full capacity. However, servers need constant cooling from air conditioners, which is costly and consumes a lot of energy. To illustrate the importance […]

Energy resources and production in Latin America and the Caribbean

The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean have abundant and varied energy resources, including oil (13% of world reserves), natural gas (5.4%), coal (1.6%), biomass and other renewable resources, as well as great hydropower potential (22%). This apparent abundance of reserves in the region can be misleading, however, because they are highly concentrated in […]

Energy Efficiency in Canada – a historical overview

Government investment in energy efficiency and low carbon technologies has been surpassed by investments in wind, solar, other renewables and biofuels, with only 6% of investment being directed towards this sector between 2005 and 2010. A CAD 1.5 billion trust fund is available for clean air and climate change initiatives including energy efficient projects that […]

Issues facing wind energy

Storage To resolve intermittency issues, several storage technologies are being investigated: mechanical, chemical and electromagnet. So far, large scale, low cost storage technologies with a fast response rate are not commercially available. Capacity credit Wind cannot be turned on at will, so it is not dispatchable. The relatively low capacity credit of wind power, which […]


Although natural bitumen and extra-heavy oil occur worldwide, a single extraordinary deposit in each category is dominant. These are sometimes called the Fourth Fossil Fuel. The 1.2 trillion barrels of extra-heavy crude oil deposit of the Orinoco Oil Belt, a part of the Eastern Venezuela basin, represent nearly 90% of the known extra-heavy oil in […]

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