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LNG Japan Corporation

LNG Japan Corporation is an energy trading house involved in the LNG industry and was established by Sumitomo and Sojitz in 2001. Since the 1970s LNG Japan Corporation has been importing LNG from Indonesia since the 1970s as part of a twenty year supply agreement with Pertamina for 7.47 million tons of LNG. The LNG […]

Status of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Plants

Current work is focused on second generation CAES plants with potentially lower costs, higher efficiency and faster construction times. Construction of Compressed Air Energy storage (CAES) project called ADELE started in 2013 in Staßfurt in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany as part of collaboration between RWE, GE, Zueblin and German Aerospace Centre, with improved operations. A project is […]

Smart Meters

Major smart meter manufacturers have a history in the traditional metering market and were earlier movers into the smart meter market. All either produce more than meter products and/or have formed collaborations with other smart grid companies to have connections at all parts of the smart grid chain. In addition the meters they offer are […]

Nuclear Power

Two of the mainstream generating technologies nuclear power and coal-fired generation are experiencing re-emergence after some years of stagnation or decline. Some countries that relied heavily on indigenous coal have phased it out, either because of declining reserves of economically recoverable coal or for environmental reasons. Coal has been stigmatised for environmental reasons, but it […]

Oil Prices

Generally, oil prices have been rising since the turn of the 21st century, de making unconventional oil resources more economically viable. Wars, cuts in production, price controls and economic crises are a few examples of factors affecting oil prices, along with factors affecting demand such as uncharacteristically warm winters reducing demand for heating. Suez Crisis: […]

The Early Origins of Electricity Transmission and Distribution

Although primitive uses of electricity and magnetism had been known for centuries its real possibilities were discovered in the hundred years leading up to the last quarter of the 19th century. Names like Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, James Watt, Luigi Galvani, Nicola Tesla, and Alessandro Volta resonate from the schoolroom, as the men who uncovered […]

McCloskey Coal Information Services (MCIS) NWE Steam Coal Marker Price

The MCIS NWE Steam Coal Marker is a long established price indicator, first quoted in January 1991, and produced on a monthly basis until earlier this year when the frequency was changed to weekly postings. For historical comparison and indexation purposes, the monthly price is taken from the first price quoted each month. The monitored […]

Alternative Energy Storage Projects in the US

Interest in other energy storage technologies has been led by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and the Electric Power Research’s Institute (EPRI). The former is the US’s largest state-owned public power utility and the latter is an international, non-profit company performing RD&D in the electricity sector for the interest of the general public. For […]