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Wind Turbine

Increases in wind turbine size The average turbine size installed each year in the leading wind power countries increased steadily from 145 kW in 1989 to 2,158 kW as of May 2011.Turbines models with a larger capacity are penetrating the market to a larger extent while the popularity of smaller turbine models is waning. Larger […]

Coal Trade

From 1973 to 1986, world hard coal trade increased by about 90% and seaborne trade more than doubled to about 8% of total world production. By 1996, 12.9% of world coal production was traded, and 92% of total coal traded on the international market was transported in ships, either ocean-going or in smaller coastal vessels […]

Renewable Energy Challenges

Renewable energy sources present particular challenges for the electricity grid. For example, the performance of hydro plants is diminished in dry seasons; good wind conditions don’t generally correlate to when electricity demand is at its highest; and, of course, solar power generating technologies depend on clear sunshine. While weather prediction technologies are improving, they are […]

Mechanical Storage

There is increasing discussion of linking wind power systems with pumped storage hydro facilities, especially in Norway and Canada, directly via the grid. This was effectively done with Danish wind power, a large amount of which has been generated at periods of low demand, necessitating export to Norway and Sweden. Pumped hydro storage alone will […]

Historical Analysis – Coal Industry in Poland

Poland has steadfastly pursued a policy of economic liberalisation since 1990 and today stands out as a success story among transition economies. Even so, much remains to be done, especially in bringing down the unemployment rate, which is still the highest in the EU despite recent improvement. The privatisation of small- and medium-sized state-owned companies […]

Issues surrounding Grid Balancing

Compounding the issues surrounding grid balancing, there are policies in place to promote distributed, small-scale renewable energy capacity. For example in the UK government subsidies are for consumers to erect wind turbines and rooftop solar panels for self-consumption. These consumers can then sell back their electricity to the grid. Changing the existing grid model from […]

Ocean vessel categories

Capesize vessels Carrying capacity: 140,000-170,000 t. Common use: coal and iron ore; not economical for fertiliser and grain Cape vessels are too large for the Panama Canal and many fertiliser/grain berths. When the demand for Cape vessels surged and then fell off, its effect on the freight market spilled over to vessels used for fertiliser […]