China’s has Improved its Renewable Energy Efficiency

In the first nine months of this year, China has wasted notably less renewable energy than this period last year. This is a good sign that Beijing’s increasing attention to wind and solar power is paying off – and not a moment too soon!

Statistics show that wastage for wind power dropped 6.7% and solar power fell 3.8% in this period compared with last year.

Yet, despite this encouraging turn of events, China’s energy usage is far from perfect. It was reported that a significant amount of electricity didn’t manage to connect to the grid in certain areas of the country – particularly to the West. The province of Gansu was notably bad, losing around a quarter of its solar power and a third of its wind power.

However, the government is admirably carrying on with its efforts and has announced various targets indicating how much renewable power should be reaching the grid. This is in the hopes of combatting energy wastage, which is one of China’s biggest obstacles in their campaign towards a cleaner nation.

The National Energy Administration (NEA) stated that it aims to have the issue resolved by 2020.

A notable commentator about China’s energy situation has said “Renewable energy has become the main force of China’s new electricity.”