The Course Material – Why is it So Robust?

Whether you have been in the energy industry for a while or you are just now taking that leap, a solid grounding of the ins and outs of all things energy-related is essential. It is not enough to vaguely understand how something works or to be simply aware that something is going on. To thrive in the energy sector you need an active and comprehensive knowledge of the industry.

A good way to keep up to date with the energy world and to expand your knowledge base is by reading the news. But, don’t just read the news. Actively engage with it. Look up things you don’t understand; follow leads that will direct you to other news stories; and apply what you learn from newspapers to your own understanding of the energy sector.

Yet, there is an even better way of getting to grips with the complexities of the energy industry and that is to take the Global Energy Certification. The Global Energy Certification, or GEC as it is known, is a qualification designed to enhance an individual’s general understanding of the energy industry. This is where we separate those who have a passing interest in energy from those who consider it a passion. It is a recognised certification that comes with a whole host of benefits, including better employment opportunities.

Of course, when NRG Expert created the GEC it understood that energy is not exactly a subject you can just dip your toes into. It fully accepted the fact that energy is a ‘go hard or go home’ kind of industry where every topic requires a thorough explanation in order to be considered ‘understood’. It is for this reason that the GEC’s course material is so robust.

So, what exactly will the GEC teach you? Well, the course covers a broad range of different topics – all of which have a practical application in the modern field of global energy. The different modules that are covered within the qualification are:

  • International Energy Industry Terminology
  • Renewable Energy & Biofuels
  • Electricity Generation, Transmission & Distribution, and the Smart Grid
  • Electricity & Gas Deregulation
  • Oil Reserves & Shale Oil
  • Natural Gas Industry
  • Energy Efficiency

The materials that you will be provided with during the GEC will allow you to finish the course feeling confident in your knowledge of all of the above modules. This, in turn, will facilitate you in your quest for a job in the rather competitive energy world. With the job market looking as it does today, knowledge is power. Thus, we have another reason why NRG Expert has made the course material for the GEC so robust.

Naturally, everything you read and learn about whilst studying the GEC should be supplemented with additional reading. This links back to what was mentioned at the beginning of the article. Reading the news and learning about new developments within the energy world are perfect complements to the GEC as they help you put your studies into a real world context.

If you think you are ready to take on the GEC and to dive head first into the complex but endlessly fascinating world of global energy then there is no time like the present to register your interest. Take a look a what the GEC could offer you and start learning!