Energy Career Profile: Clean Energy Researcher

In a world in the process of transitioning away from fossil fuels and towards green energy, there is no better time to join the clean energy workforce. As clean energy is a relatively new sector within the job market, it is sometimes difficult for people to know exactly what kind of jobs are out there and how to bag them.

This week we are going to take a look at the role of Clean Energy Researcher. For those who are interested in pursuing a career in the renewables sector, this might be the best thing you never knew existed.

The Basics of the Job

As a Clean Energy Researcher you will be responsible for finding new, innovative solutions to make our energy consumption cleaner. This means you will work with oil and gas companies, for example, and look into the ways in which they can reduce the amount of energy they use when they extract these resources from the ground. The need for energy is growing larger by the day so it is essential that we find sustainable ways to meet this demand.

As part of the job you may be required to travel to international conferences or to oil and gas sites to learn more about the different technologies that exist. Once you are fully informed as to what is out there, you will come back to the lab and apply your knowledge to your own company. If you can put all of this into practice you could save your company a lot of energy and money.

Ultimately, you will be reducing the environmental damage caused by extracting energy sources and you will be part of the team working towards increasing energy efficiency.

Job Duties

You are unlikely to have many days doing the same thing. Every day will present new challenges and opportunities. Generally, your job will consist of researching renewable technologies; preparing environmental impact statements; analysing energy demand; and keeping up to date with relevant environmental and energy issues.

Where You Will Be Working

Unlike many of the jobs on offer today, the role of Clean Energy Researcher will not limit you to just the office. In addition to the desk work you will be required to do, you will also do field visits to various extraction sites and you will spend time in the lab. Lab work will comprise the testing of new technologies among other things and this may prove to be the most exciting part of the job.

Who to Work For

If the idea of being a Clean Energy Researcher has piqued your interest then the next step to take is to find someone who is looking to employ such a person. Fortunately, the opportunities for employment in this role are numerous. Most government bodies need people in this position as do a number of non-profit organisations and public utility companies. Alternatively, you could follow a more corporate route and act for a consulting or engineering firm. Whatever you choose, you can be sure to have a solid career progression with plenty of great opportunities throw your way along the way.