GEC Exam Dates

All GEC candidates must spend at least 100 hours reading and studying the course materials and complete and pass in a two-hour time frame a written multiple choice exam which is proctored by an approved online exam administrator.

The exams, and the materials leading to the exams, are rigorously and continuously assessed by NRG Expert to ensure that they meet a consistent standard of knowledge expected within the industry.

Registration for the GEC program is open year round with examinations offered every month. Examinations are held online on the 10th of the month, and all examinations are completed online from anywhere in the world using a computer or tablet.

Examination Dates

Exam Date:

Must Register For the Course By:

January 10th

December 1st

February 10th

January 1st

March 10th

February 1st

April 10th

March 1st

May 10th

April 1st

June 10th

May 1st

July 10th

June 1st

August 10th

July 1st

September 10th

August 1st

October 10th

September 1st

November 10th

October 1st

December 10th

December 1st