How Was The GEC Program Started?

The Global Energy Certification, or GEC as it is known, is a professional development course that was created by NRG Expert. The purpose of the course is to give students and professionals a more thorough insight into the complex yet fascinating world of energy. Once they have completed the course and the examination they should be fully equipped to land an exciting job in the energy sector. They will also be one step closer to the coveted title of ‘Energy Expert’.

NRG Expert is a company that is run by people who are passionate about energy. Every member of the team lives and breathes energy and they decided that there should be more people who have the opportunity to do the same. This was how the concept of the Global Energy Certification was born. It was a chance to open up the energy sector to as many people who were willing to learn about it.

NRG Expert’s main focus is producing energy market research reports that they then sell to companies. Businesses use these reports full of millions of lines of data to make decisions and to build strategies. Unfortunately, the cost of these reports makes them inaccessible to the average individual – particularly students. Of course, there are a number of libraries and educational institutions that have purchased our reports but not enough to guarantee access for everyone.

So, how could NRG Expert share its love for and vast knowledge of energy with the rest of the world? It created the Global Energy Certification. This short, yet incredibly informative and valuable course can be taken entirely online – including the exam – making it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

Since its creation, the GEC designation has become the most popular and credible professional certification in the sector. It was created exclusively by energy experts and analysts for aspiring energy professionals and is filled with important and up-to-date information. When employers see the GEC designation on a CV, they know that the applicant is serious about working in the energy sector and are much more likely to invite him or her in for an interview.

To educate and assist individuals as they move into the energy workplace were the primary goals of NRG Expert and the GEC has allowed these ambitions to become a reality. Once a student has graduated from the Global Energy Certification and has fully grasped the topics that were covered in the course – mainly concerning international energy issues – they will have no problem speaking confidently about the energy sector. This, in turn, leads to fantastic employment opportunities. All the while they will have the full backing of the NRG Expert team – a resource that will exponentially help anyone in the energy industry.