How Can the GEC Help with My Career?

The Global Energy Certification (GEC) is an online course available to everyone. The course was designed by NRG Expert, a leading energy market research company, with the intention of helping people attain a level of expertise in the global energy industry. The course is fully accredited and covers a number of important areas within the sector.

Now you know what the GEC is, but that doesn’t tell you why the qualification will help you with your career. Obtaining extra education is never a bad idea, as a general rule of thumb, but what is it about this particular course that is so useful? Let’s go through some of the ways that the GEC can give your career that boost it needs.

Your CV Automatically Stands Out

If you want to get ahead of the game, you need to bring something unique to the table. Everyone has a degree and some work experience to put on their CV. If you want to get noticed, you need something else and extra qualifications are the best way to get your CV moved to the top of the pile. Having the GEC under your belt shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to develop and hone your skills and this will always impress recruiter. What’s more, the GEC will equip you with additional knowledge, which will hopefully mean less training from your employer – saving both of you time and energy.

The GEC Will Enhance Your Work Ethic

The GEC is an online course, which is entirely self-taught and examined by one 2-hour test at the end. This is very different to learning at school. You don’t have anyone there telling you to get on with things or telling you off if you haven’t done your work. You have to take complete responsibility over your work and make sure that you make time in your day to do it. This is an excellent way to develop a strong work ethic and good discipline – two attributes that are essential for a successful career in any industry.

You’ll Feel a Lot More Confident

Knowledge is power but it is also confidence. Being able to speak knowledgeably about something and feeling comfortable discussing certain topics will allow you to feel confident while you develop your career in the energy sector. You won’t be anxiously wondering if someone will mention something you’ve never heard of because you will know enough to be able to speak intelligently about the industry no matter what. Even if you are thrown a curveball, after the GEC your knowledge will be sufficient to tackle it in a logical way.

It Will Help You Find Your Strengths

As with all courses, there will be certain parts of the GEC that you find more interesting than others. When you find that you are drawn to certain topics over others, you can use this to help you decide which career path you want to go down. If you find renewables really interesting then this might be an indicator that you should focus your attention on that sector and look for jobs in that ever-growing sector. Similarly, it can show you what to avoid. If you like all of the modules except natural gas, for example, this tells you what kind of jobs you should pass over.

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