The Importance of Continuing Professional Development

A personal commitment to your professional development if essential is you are to build a successful career – so knowing how to develop yourself is one of the most important skills you can learn as a professional.
There are a range of reasons why professional development is important:

Professional development is about ensuring that you develop and maintain the high levels of competence expected of a professional by the public and by your peers.

The GEC Designation is the industry’s standard and recognized certification program built by and for energy industry professionals. Unlike other programs, the GEC was not built by analysts and general finance professionals who work in 20 different industries; the GEC was built by NRG Expert, the global leader in independent energy market research.

It increases your ability to cope with challenges and changes and make the most of opportunities

The GEC program is becoming very well known around the world. Several companies have started requiring that their employees obtain the GEC designation, or share that they prefer candidates applying to hold the certification.

It helps you plan your own development and make the best use of resources

When you’ve earned the right to put the initials GEC behind your name, you’ve distinguished yourself among energy management professionals. Simply put, the designation GEC, which stands for Global Energy Certification, recognizes individuals who have demonstrated high levels of experience, competence, proficiency, and ethical fitness in the energy profession. By attaining the status of GEC, you will be joining an elite group of professionals serving industry, business and government throughout the world. These high-achieving individuals comprise a “Who’s Who” in the energy field.

It shows employers that you are serious about your career

Advance Your Business or Career by raising your level of energy industry knowledge and increasing your ability to work quickly and effectively. Specialized knowledge is valuable, and mastering the basics allows you to work more efficiently than your competitors.