Questions? We’ve got answers!

Anyone interested in getting the GEC designation and completing the course naturally has a few questions before they begin. We have a very extensive FAQ Page, but we’ve summarized some of the most frequently asked questions and queries below.

What will GEC give me, what are the benefits to me and my career?

GEC will benefit your career by showing that you posess knowledge on a wide range of topics in the Energy Industry. Having this knowledge at hand allows you to quickly and confidently address many topics that may arise in your day to day work environment. You’ll also benefit from the posession of a wealth of written information from industry leading sources. You will stand out amongst your peers being able to confidently state that you have the knowledge of a true industry professional.

How long does it take to complete the GEC program?

You can complete the program at your own pace, that is the benefit of self study and distance learning. You can balance a career and social life in addition to devoting time to your professional development in becoming GEC Certified.

What’s so special about the GEC Program?

GEC lays its focus exclusively on the international energy market and industry and though it addresses a wide range of topics, the course deals with a niche sector of knowledge. GEC will offer you practical knowledge that can be applied in a wide area within the industry and beyond. As a course participant you will get a wealth of information through the study guides. Once graduated, you’ll receive broad recognition from leading industry companies.

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