The Spanish Wind Power Manufacturing industry

The growth of activity in the wind energy field has provided a powerful impetus to the development of the Spanish wind industry, covering not only the manufacture of complete wind turbines but also the manufacture of components for the wind industry: blades, generators, gearboxes, towers and wind sensors. The service sector (installation, maintenance, and engineering) has also seen significant growth over 2009.

More than 85% of Spain’s installed capacity in recent years has been supplied by Spanish manufacturers using in-house technology. These companies have begun developing machines in the megawatt range.

The companies leading the national Spanish industry are Gamesa Eólica, Vestas, Ecotècni, Made (owned by Gamesa) and Acciona.
Gamesa Eólica is the seventh largest wind turbine company in the world with a global market share of 6.5%, having fallen 4 places in 2009. Gamesa is the clear market leader in Spain. Gamesa Eólica currently operates plants in Spain, The US and China. It has projects in many other parts of the world and claims a current portfolio under development of 22,000 MW. Gamesa opened a manufacturing plant for wind turbine generator blades in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2005.

Gamesa took a strategic decision to form a joint-venture with Vestas and later purchase the rights to Vestas’ technology, ending Vestas’ involvement in Gamesa’s operations. Spain’s wind industry combines a mixture of both leading international companies locally manufacturing foreign technology, and Spanish companies locally manufacturing Spanish-owned technology. This combination encourages a constructive environment for learning and innovation.

ACCIONA Energy is a world leader in renewable energies with a major presence in eight technologies, and develops projects and manufactures wind turbines through its subsidiary Acciona Wind Power. In 2009 the Group’s total revenues fell from the 2008 figure of EUR 1,784 million to EUR 1,248 million. In terms of wind power it has installed 5,403 MW, owned by the company and other companies, in 213 wind parks in 14 countries. Acciona is interested in offshore turbine. At year end 2008 the company was building 6 wind farms, 3 solar thermal plants and 2 biomass plants, as well as developing 5 biomass plants in Spain. Wind capacity owned by Acciona produced 11,550 GWh of electricity in 2009.