Why Take the GEC Certification?

Do you want to take your career in energy to the next level? The Global Energy Certification is multi-faceted, professional course, designed to give those in the industry the boost they need to progress to a higher rung on their career ladder. The course combines important energy issues with business concepts to create a practical curriculum that will be invaluable as your navigate the energy sector. There are a number of reasons why taking the GEC course will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made so let me outline some of the more prominent ones for you.

Brush Up Your CV

The GEC course is administered by leading energy specialists NRG Expert. This company is recognised as having a huge wealth of knowledge in the energy industry and is an excellent accreditation to have. Employers will see that you have completed this challenging course and are much more likely to give your CV a bit of extra attention. Showing you have extra expertise is extremely valuable when trying to break into today’s job market.

Show You Have Initiative

Taking the GEC course is a fantastic way to show to the world that you are serious about a career in the energy industry. Future employers will not only appreciate that you have the extra skills sets but also the fact that you took it upon yourself to gain them. Going the extra mile is an important asset to have and is much more likely to land you a place in the energy workforce.

Learn Valuable Skills

The GEC course provides its students with essential knowledge regarding the legal, financial and regulatory aspects of the energy industry. It uses leading market research to inform its curriculum and offers individuals up to the minute information about topics they will regularly come into contact with as they progress through their energy career.

Do it Online

If you are unsure about taking a professional development course because of geographical constraints, NRG Expert has you covered. The company has made the course ideal for distance learners by making it fully available online. At the end of the course, candidates take a 2-hour online examination. This exam covers a huge range of energy elements such as: industry terminology, industry deregulation & privatisation, new technologies, the electrical supply industry, gas supply industry, water supply & waste, renewables and more.

Networking Opportunities

Everyone knows that when it comes to getting a job, often it isn’t what you know that is important but who you know. NRG Expert has a huge client database and can offer those who take the GEC course some wonderful networking opportunities. This way, you will be able to connect with professionals in the energy industry and find out about career prospects.