Top 4 Countries for a Career in Energy

Energy is quickly becoming one of the biggest industries in the world. Thanks to the development of new sustainable energies as well as an influx of new technologies, there are more jobs than ever in the energy sector. This means that there are an unprecedented number of exciting opportunities for people interested in the energy sphere. Whether its on-site maintenance and operations control or engineering back in the lab, there is a huge range of jobs and careers available. All you have to do is reach out and grab one.

Although coal and fossil fuels seem to be declining, there has been a huge spike in activity in solar, wind, tidal and biofuel energies, all of which need skilled workers on board to keep moving forward. If you think you have what it takes to prosper in the demanding but rewarding world of energy then you might want to start making plans now. The first thing you need to decide on is where on earth you should go to make the most out of such a career. Here are the world’s top countries for a career in energy.


Despite Trump’s withdrawal from the Clean Energy Plan and the Paris Climate Accord, the USA is still doing incredible things in the energy industry. California, for example, is investing huge amounts of money and resources to reduce carbon emissions and make the state as green as possible. It might even become the first state to mandate the use of solar panels on new homes. Whether you are interested in renewable energy or want to get involved with fracking operations in the shale fields, there is an abundance of opportunities in the USA for young energy hopefuls.


China is a world leader when it comes to renewable energy, which is a huge relief given that it is home to a billion people. In fact, China accounts for around 31% of the world’s wind energy. Currently, China is the world’s number one investor in renewable energy technologies both at home and abroad and is on the look out for intelligent professionals to join its work force and help it maintain its position on this global platform.


Formerly, Kenya had to import its electricity from neighbouring countries and that has caused issues with energy security in the country. Now, Kenya is putting all of its time and resources into generating its own energy using geothermal energy production. The energy sector in Kenya is still in its early stages, making it a great time for professionals to join the work force and help the nation develop its own energy mix from scratch. You will also benefit from endless sunshine and a change of scenery.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is hot right now in the energy world, which is great for people looking to move abroad to start their energy careers. Home to huge swathes of pristine rainforest, volcanoes, beaches and cities, the landscape of Costa Rica is as diverse as its energy mix. The country takes renewable energy very seriously and has set some impressive targets it hopes to meet. These include becoming completely carbon neutral by 2021. So far, good progress has been made and the country has already shown it can last for two whole months using nothing but renewable energy.