What is Global Energy Certification

Global Energy Certification, or GEC is setting a new standard in professional certification. With a GEC designation successful candidates can distinguish themselves personally and professionally. The certificate demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge in a wide variety of topics that relate to the Energy industry. Backed by NRG Expert, a leading resource for energy market research, the certificate and the course have the support of an industry leader in the field.

The course is structured as a self-study curriculum whereby you as a candidate can study at your own pace. 12 times a year, the exams take place. Exams are administered online, and you can choose to do them from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you choose. All Candidates receive the comprehensive study guide and the course materials modules. These modules are the product of years of research and in itself are indispensable resources for any energy professional. Split into modules, the course and exam cover various topics, but don’t worry if one of the topics isn’t your strong suit; it’s your overall mark at the end that determines whether you pass or fail.

So whether you would like to boost your career perspectives, or test your own knowledge; whether you are a student or an industry professional… GEC is a valuable asset to any CV or Résumé.