How Was The GEC Program Started?

The Global Energy Certification, or GEC as it is known, is a professional development course that was created by NRG Expert. The purpose of the course is to give students and professionals a more thorough insight into the complex yet fascinating world of energy. Once they have completed the course and the examination they should […]

Why Take the GEC Certification?

Do you want to take your career in energy to the next level? The Global Energy Certification is multi-faceted, professional course, designed to give those in the industry the boost they need to progress to a higher rung on their career ladder. The course combines important energy issues with business concepts to create a practical […]

4 Ways to Stay Ahead this Exam Season

As we plunge into the most stressful time of the year you may well be looking for ways to scramble out of the revision abyss you have fallen into. Suddenly, after months of doing relatively little and smashing out essays the night before the deadline, you have to put in some very hard work. Fortunately, […]

Why Take Additional Training as a Student

Breaking into the job market of today is becoming harder and harder. More people are leaving university with a Bachelors degree and an increasing number of people are going on to do Masters and PhDs. So with the competition being fiercer than ever, a little bit of additional training can really go a long way […]

4 Tips to Give Your Career a Boost

Everyone gets to a certain point in their career when things start to feel a bit stale. Maybe your work is becoming a bit same-y or perhaps you’re unsure of how to take the next step to move yourself up the ladder. Fortunately, this feeling is easily eliminated by giving your career a bit of […]

3 Tips to Figure out Your Next Career Move

Working out where you want your career to go is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Nothing is worse than spending the prime years of your life pursuing a career that doesn’t truly make you happy. So, rather than dreading going into work every morning, spend a bit of time working […]