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Energy Career Profile: Limnologist

You might certainly be forgiven for living your life up till this point without ever understanding what a limnologist is. It is essential to be totally informed of all of the areas in which you could work if you are preparing on embarking on a career in the energy field. So, let’s start with the […]

Energy Career Profile: Glaciologist

Are you trying to find a profession in the energy sector that is fulfilling, remarkable and that sounds truly cool? Then get your laptop and start your application to be a glaciologist. As around the world warming ramps up and the polar ice caps continue to decrease at unrivaled rates, there has in fact never […]

The Largest Energy Companies worldwide

When taking a look at business profits, it’s not a surprise to see 6 energy business in the leading 10 biggest service note worldwide. Of those 6 service kept in mind in the leading 10, 5 are straight included in the oil and gas industry. It wonders to note, nevertheless, that among the privately held […]