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The Church of England is threatening to pull polluting companies’ stocks from its £12 billion investment pot

Ever since the Deepwater Horizon disaster public opinion of fossil fuel companies has cooled dramatically. Many investors have chosen to divest from traditional fuel companies and direct their money towards more ethical organisations. In recent months a policy change in the UK allowed pension fund trustees to divest from fossil fuels and invest their money […]

Too Few Women in Energy is Holding Back Battle Against Climate Change

Experts insist that the lack of female workers in energy firms is causing the move towards a cleaner future to slow down. This gender imbalance, explains Catherine Mitchell, a professor of energy policy at the University of Exeter, means that the energy industry is less open-minded and less willing to explore new ideas. Mitchell continues […]

Practice makes perfect: How proper preparation for psychometric reasoning tests can help you land your dream job.

To find out more about this topic, please visit: Psychometric reasoning tests are becoming an increasingly common part of the job application process, and the chances are that you will have already had to complete reasoning tests at some point in the past. The reason for their continuing popularity is two-fold. Firstly, they are […]

How to Create a Study Plan

Exam season is looming and students across the nation are chewing their nails as they try and cram as much knowledge as they possibly can into their heads. If you are in this situation, or think you might be in the near future then you might find a study plan useful. A study plan outlines […]

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