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Transformer Capacity to Generation Capacity Ratios

93 countries have an MVA:MW ratio of 4 or under. The great majority of countries in this range have Lower or Lower Middle Income economies, mostly developing countries in Asia or Africa. These countries have low electrification ratios. The term “electrification” does not necessarily mean household electrification. In India a village is classified as “electrified” […]

Coal Demand

Coal demand is dominated by two countries: China and the US. China’s coal industry has had a serious oversupply problem in recent years, particularly in the late 1990s, and the government has begun implementing major reforms aimed at reducing the oversupply, returning large state-owned mines to profitability as a prelude to possible future privatisation, and […]

Water development projects

Investments in water utility projects totals some $46.7 billion 73%; treatment plants total $15.4 billion, 24%; and water transfer systems total $2.0 billion, 3%. Combined water and sewage projects account for 51% of investments; water only projects accounted for 31%; and sewage only projects for 15%. This is in stark contrast to the situation from […]

The Brazilian Transmission System

In Brazil, in 1993, the National Electric Power Transmission System (Sintrel) was created to ensure free access to the national electric interconnected grid to independent producers and self producers on an at cost basis. Sintrel was made up largely of transmission systems owned by the companies controlled by Eletrobas, which was also the entity in […]

Grid 2030

The cost of replacing the power delivery system in the US would be prohibitive. What can be done is to employ advanced technology to modernise and enhance the use of existing assets. The DOE has a vision of the grid in 2030 which builds on the existing electric infrastructure. The same types of equipment that […]

Transmission Grid Interconnections

The development of cross-borders lines started earlier than many people think. In Europe it started by 1920, mainly to take advantage of Swiss hydropower. In most of continental Europe, cross-border interconnections took place before the creation national networks. The process of national interconnection slowed down and was restricted to the radial operation of power plants […]