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Metering Trends

Sub-Metering A largely untapped market, Sub-Metering is set to grow substantially in the coming years in various sectors. Though technology is already widespread in use in water and heat metering applications, electricity is becoming a growing market as well. The case for Sub-Metering is made in different types of markets with large urban built-up areas […]

The cost of electricity in the future, the price of renewable energy

The cost of electricity is a complex calculation. Using a number of assumptions it is possible to calculate the cost of producing electricity in a fixed situation but there are still external variables, especially in a lifetime cost calculation, which an owner has to evaluate with additional risk and sensitivity analysis. These include political factors […]

Talking NRG’s Latest News

Here is a sample of the stories that made the news that are highlighted in this edition of Talking Energy Oil explorers idled rigs in U.S. fields for the 21st straight week, extending an unprecedented retreat in drilling that has curbed domestic output and helped crude prices rally. Rigs targeting oil in the U.S. declined […]

A Valuable Tool for Anyone

Global Energy Certification is an indispensable tool for individuals who wish to further their skills and knowledge of the energy industry and stand out amongst their peers. GEC is an online learning program and exam which tests your knowledge of key industry elements. The set-up allows flexibility and for the participants to work at their […]

What is Global Energy Certification

Global Energy Certification, or GEC is setting a new standard in professional certification. With a GEC designation successful candidates can distinguish themselves personally and professionally. The certificate demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge in a wide variety of topics that relate to the Energy industry. Backed by NRG Expert, a leading resource for energy market research, the […]

GEC Exam Dates

All GEC candidates must spend at least 100 hours reading and studying the course materials and complete and pass in a two-hour time frame a written multiple choice exam which is proctored by an approved online exam administrator. The exams, and the materials leading to the exams, are rigorously and continuously assessed by NRG Expert […]

Broaden your Skillset with GEC

While nothing can replace years of industry experience, the program aims to increase the breadth of energy industry knowledge that current industry professionals hold and assist those individuals transitioning into the global energy industry. The Global Energy Certification for professional achievement and development aims to provide participants with enhanced capabilities and a good understanding of […]