What is a Degree in Energy Management

Do you have an interest in business? Do you have an interest in energy? If the answer to both of those questions could be yes then an energy management degree might be the exact thing you have been waiting for. This course focuses on the business side of the energy sector and will put your CV at the top of the pile when it comes to applying for energy management jobs.

Energy management degrees are usually offered as either master’s courses or as an MBA. However, there are some universities that will offer the programme as a bachelor’s degree – but this will be a broader and less specialised course than either of the postgraduate degrees. Nevertheless, it will still set you up nicely for a career in the energy world.

What Will I Learn in an Energy Management Degree?

A degree in energy management will equip you with all of the specific business skills you need to enter into a management team in the energy sector. You will learn about accounting, marketing, management, economics and law. Each of these facets of management will be taught in a way that is tailored to the energy industry, so you will also have elements of the course that focus on oil and gas, petroleum, geology and renewable energy.

In addition to the practical skills you need to run a business, you will also learn about the broader world of energy management. During the course you will be taught about the politics of energy as well as the social and environmental aspects that are often encountered in energy management. Of course, no energy project is free from controversy so negotiating with local protest groups and being aware of the environmental impact of the project are essential factors to understand. Furthermore, it is important to be able to read the political landscape of whichever country you are working in, thus the vital nature of an understanding of politics.

The Benefits of an Energy Management MBA?

There are loads of benefits to having an MBA in energy management. Not only will it make you stand out in a highly competitive job market, but it will also give you valuable skills that will make an impact on the current energy landscape. The energy sector is changing at an unprecedented rate and now is a more exciting time than ever to be at the forefront of these changes. Huge amounts of money are being invested in clean energy projects and energy technologies. If you have the right skills and knowledge you can have one of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers on earth.

In addition to having a career that stimulates you and engages your brain, the energy sector also offers incredibly lucrative opportunities. In fact, the energy sector is one of the most profitable of all the industries. Your knowledge of business strategies, value & markets, business model innovation, supply chain management, and team management will make you an incredibly valuable of any team you decide to join. This could lead to substantial pay packets at the end of each month.

If we want a clean future for our planet, it is important that we train more professionals in this area. A degree in energy management is not only a personal achievement, but a way to give back to the world.