Top 4 Undergraduate Renewable Energy Courses in the UK

With the energy sector expanding and developing at an unprecedented rate, it is unsurprising that so many universities in the UK have started offering courses in renewable energy. There is little doubt that renewables are in the process of paving the way to a greener future for the whole planet. Countries around the world are pouring billions of dollars into the research and development of renewables and with a bit of luck they will soon account for the majority share of the energy mix.

Those who want to get a more in-depth understanding of renewable energy before they try and join the job market should think about studying it at degree level. While there are dozens of master’s courses with a focus on renewable energy, there are notably fewer for those who want to get into the sector at undergraduate level. But, getting in early and developing your interest in the industry is a good idea – especially for a sector that is rapidly increasing such as the energy sector.

We have scoured the country for relevant undergrad courses and brought you some of the best undergraduate renewable energy courses on offer at the moment. But, watch this space. Over the next 5-10 years this area is going to boom.

Renewable Energy Engineering – University of Exeter

This course has a proven success rate and is tailored for students with an interest in engineering. The focus of this particular course is clean energy sources and students will learn about the technologies that underpin these energy sources. The course includes work placements, field trips both within the UK and abroad and the opportunity to stay on for an extra year and gain a masters degree. The university is perfectly positioned to allow students to get hands on experience viewing and analysing wind and solar farms.

Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems – University of Leeds

Based out of the university’s school of electronics and electrical engineering, this course focuses on mathematics and scientific principles related to electronic engineering. Students will obtain an in-depth understanding of smart grids, renewable energy systems, and energy conversion. With the world moving further and further away from dependency on fossil fuels, the skills learnt on this course will be vital for future progress.

Renewable and Sustainable Engineering – Glyndwr University

With a foundation year included in the programme, the renewable and sustainable engineering course at Glyndwr does a lot of prepare young energy career hopefuls. Those who already have some energy experience can apply to do the course without the foundation year. The course equips students to face the challenge of climate change head on with engineering expertise and the drive to create solutions to the problem. Students will also get the chance to do site visits to local wind and hydro plants.

Renewable Energy Engineering – University of Ulster

The course prides itself on setting up its students to enter into the renewable energy industry. It does this by including a placement year in the third year of the course. During this time, students will be able to work in the renewables sector and gain valuable industry experience. Students have been known to undertake work placements all over the UK and abroad. Modules include circuit analysis; statics, dynamics and thermodynamics; and mechanical science.