E.ON partners set to develop technology for domestic smart systems

Nowadays, technology runs the world and it is important for companies to be able keep up with the demand for progress. E.ON has recognised and embraced this and it shows in their recent investment in the development of new domestic smart systems.

The energy giant has invested heavily in a provider of Internet of Things technology in a bid to advance the idea of household energy systems that run from a decentralised platform.

The Internet of Things is an intriguing concept. It essentially consists of allowing everything with a basic on off switch function to be connected via wireless Internet. This means that you will have a far more automated set of belongings, which will be invaluable to an easier daily routine. When your alarm goes off it could send a signal to your coffee maker to switch on. If your printer was low on ink it could automatically order cartridges online and have them sent to your front door. The possibilities are virtually endless.

E.ON has partnered with Cuculus, a German company that works with smart technology. Between them they plan to create everything that an intelligent house will need by way of equipment. The idea is to have as many different systems connected to each other as possible. This will, in turn, create the ultimate house of the future.

Not only does an automated house mean that your life will become notably easier but it can also make the house in question run as efficiently as possible with regards to energy usage. If charging points are all automated, the house will know exactly how much energy is needed at any given moment to put through them.

Currently Cuculus uses and smart system called ZONOS. Yet, their partnership with E.ON has given them the resources to improve this system. While already secure and flexible, the partners are sure it can be expanded and adjusted for the better.