Talking Energy

Periodically, NRG Expert releases its Talking Energy Newsletter. Taking Energy takes a look at the energy stories making the news. Presented as a digest, information from around the world and around the internet is shown together with the full links to the articles’ original source. Fit into a number of broad categories, Talking Energy always starts with a look at selected energy stocks listed on various stock exchanges around the world. The close price from the day before is presented alongside the difference in price of the stock three weeks ago. This allows you to see the direction in which the stock is headed and the trends going on in the industry.

Political Developments and National Trends

Articles listed in this category show government incentives, and regulatory news of note to the energy industry. A recent big news story was of course the Paris Climate Change Conference. Governments and leaders from around the world have reached a far-reaching deal to combat and tackle climate change. This is the type of article that would feature in this section. Beyond government announcements and political stories this section also looks at national trends such as stories that influence the Energy Mix in that country.

Green Vehicles

Always an interesting sector aof the energy industry, Talking Energy looks at the latest headlines in the Electric Vehichle (EV) and other green vehicle markets. From Tesla to Nissan, to Cheverolet; Startups to traditional auto manufacturers, Talking Energy will give you the information you need to know.

Renewable Energy

Green vheicles aren’t the only green topics we discuss. Talking Energy looks at the state of the markets for Wind, Solar, and other Renewable Energy Technologies. Whether it be turbine blade manufacturers announcing results; or the next breakthrough in clean energy technology; we have you covered.

Advertising in Talking Energy

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