The benefits of an energy education

With so many different types of jobs in the energy sector, there are also many more university courses and programmes that can help you get a job in the sector. Having a professional certification geared specifically towards the energy sector can help boost your qualifications and give you the knowledge and skillset to thrive.

Taking courses and studying the core aspects of any industry can be beneficial, however, a knowledge of the energy industry allows for a great transference of skills to many other sectors. Energy is such a great part of our daily lives that a knowledge of the industry can help in many other fields such as urban planning, building design, but also finance and investing.

Knowing what influences the price of oil, or what to look out for regarding energy efficiency and energy saving technologies can give anyone a competitive advantage in many sectors. Supply chain management and logistics professions can also greatly benefit from an in-depth knowledge of the energy industry as everything from food to fuel prices is influenced by availability and the cost of energy resources.

The Global Energy Certification addresses many facets of the energy industry. Its modular approach means that participants in the programme can choose the areas of research they would like to focus on in whatever order they choose, based on applicability and interest. Though all areas are deemed to be known when it’s time to take the exam, the coursebooks form a valuable reference well past the certification.

In summary, there are many benefits to a course such as GEC, and few limits to who can and should participate.