Why the energy sector is a great field to work in

There are so many different industries and professions to work in, and we’d be lying if we didn’t declare a bias, but the energy sector has to be one of the greatest. With much to offer and a dynamic range of different opportunities you’d be hard pressed not to find a job that doesn’t match with a particular education or skillset that doesn’t somehow relate back to the Energy Sector.

There’s more to energy than just oil and gas. It’s true that oil and gas companies are the largest companies in the world and they just happen to be in Energy. Their scale alone means that those companies are always on the lookout for great talent in a wide variety of fields. Whether it be public relations to engineering, or factory worker to executive, energy multinationals can offer some very unique yet diverse positions for potential job-seekers.

Energy is always current, (no pun intended). There’s not a day that goes by or there’s a news story about energy. Arguably most of the time we talk about energy prices, but renewable energy technology, pipelines, exploration, and environmental topics all feature prominently in many a news cycle. With so much going on, there’s never a dull moment in the sector.

We rely heavily on energy; without it our economy wouldn’t function. The industry is in no means fly-by-night. There will always be development and innovation in the energy sector and there will always be opportunity for growth. New and exciting technologies are constantly being developed and there’s still a very big part of the pie to be distributed. This all makes energy one of the key investment areas in many economies meaning there’s a lot that both the start-ups and established companies can gain.