Top 4 Energy Careers

Those who have chosen energy as their career path will be delighted to know that this sector has a huge variety of different jobs available and this spread is increasing every day. As the way we use and understand energy continues to develop, jobs will crop up all over the place – particularly in the renewables sphere.

What this means for young hopefuls looking to break into the job market is that they can cast their net wide and still bag themselves a dream career. If you are finding it hard to decide exactly what you want to do within the energy sector then let it be a comfort to know that you don’t need to know specifics. Solid qualifications and a passion for energy are all it takes to get in the door for a lot of companies. Once you’re in, then you can start deciding on a more specialised career path.

So, where do you get started? Unfortunately, you won’t walk straight in to a position in senior management. But, you can still get your hands on a juicy job that offers an excellent career trajectory. Here are a few great energy careers and how to get them.

Environmental Consultant

An environmental consultant is employed by companies to help them comply with environmental regulations and to manage or eliminate damaging effects of their operations. The work is reasonably varied – one day you might be helping a company assess a flooding risk and the next you will be assisting with waste management. There is also a lot of responsibility involved with this job. To bag a career like this you will need at least a Bachelor’s degree and some work experience in the energy sector.


This is an interesting role that has fantastic potential for expansion and growth. Mudloggers work closely with drilling engineers and record their activity in order to provide information about the status of the well. The information that is collected is then used to make important decisions. You may find yourself stationed away from home for a couple of weeks at a time but you can be sure to be well remunerated for this. Mudloggers are well placed to move up the ranks and become drilling engineers. Geology degrees are preferred for this role.

Solar Installer

Fancy a job that is really rewarding? Working in the renewables sector won’t just give you valuable experience in a fast-growing industry, it will also make you feel like you are doing something worthwhile. The world is quickly becoming aware that the future needs to be green in order for us to survive. This means that solar and wind power are being developed at an astronomical rate in order to make the change that is needed. As a result, solar installers are essential as they are in charge of installing the photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into energy. You don’t need a degree for this job but some experience as a technician or electrician can be useful.

Chemical Engineers for Electric Vehicles

There are few things more exciting in the energy sector than the rapid advancement of electric vehicles. The notion that gasoline may one day be obsolete is every green scientist’s dream come true. A chemical engineer working on electric vehicles will use chemistry to design and improve battery technologies and other equipment. You will need to be a smart cookie for this kind of job with a minimum bachelor’s degree in chemistry or chemical engineering – a master’s degree is preferable however.