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Water Deregulation in Select European Countries

In Austria, the assets are owned by the municipalities and regional governments, and operations are either conducted directly or by management companies. In Belgium, 6 large provincial inter-municipally owned water companies’ supply 90% of the water; municipalities and communes own small companies. Water management is mostly public, but waste is sub-contracted. The arrangements differ in […]

Bioenergy Benefits

The incomplete combustion of fuel wood produces organic particulate matter, carbon monoxide and other organic gases. If high temperature combustion is used, oxides of nitrogen will be produced. At a smaller domestic scale, the health impact of air pollution inside buildings is a significant problem in developing countries, where fuel wood is burnt inefficiently in […]

Benefits of Bioenergy

Biomass is a renewable source of energy and its use does not contribute to global warming. In fact, it can reduce the atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide as it acts as a sink, and soil carbon can also increase. Of all the forms of renewable energy, only hydropower and wind produce similar amounts of electricity […]

European and German Solar PV Markets

Europe As the largest market in the world, Germany historically has dominated the European market overwhelmingly, with three dominant companies. These were SolarWorld AG, an integrated solar company involved in all steps of the value chain, Q-Cell, a new participant with ambitious plans and Schott Solar (formerly RWE Schott Solar). The solar boom in Spain […]

Biodiesel Fuels

Soy Beans Soy bean is a legume native to East Asia but can be grown in most warm climates. Only 45% of all soy is grown in this region. The rest is grown in the US, Brazil, Ar-gentina and other parts of the world. There have been reports that areas of the rainforest in Brazil […]

The History of the US Natural Gas Market 1989-2000

1989 Natural Gas Wellhead Decontrol Act This act completed the process of deregulating wellhead prices. It required the removal of all price controls on wellhead sales with effect from 1 January, 1993, allowing natural gas prices to be freely set in the market. 1991 Mega-Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Mega-NOPR) FERC requested comments from consumers and […]