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Talking Energy

Periodically, NRG Expert releases its Talking Energy Newsletter. Taking Energy takes a look at the energy stories making the news. Presented as a digest, information from around the world and around the internet is shown together with the full links to the articles’ original source. Fit into a number of broad categories, Talking Energy always […]

Wind Turbine

Increases in wind turbine size The average turbine size installed each year in the leading wind power countries increased steadily from 145 kW in 1989 to 2,158 kW as of May 2011.Turbines models with a larger capacity are penetrating the market to a larger extent while the popularity of smaller turbine models is waning. Larger […]

Coal Trade

From 1973 to 1986, world hard coal trade increased by about 90% and seaborne trade more than doubled to about 8% of total world production. By 1996, 12.9% of world coal production was traded, and 92% of total coal traded on the international market was transported in ships, either ocean-going or in smaller coastal vessels […]

Ocean Energy 2005

Ocean Energy 2005 – from the NRG Expert Historical Energy Data Series Ocean energy is mostly in an experimental stage. Many ideas have been generated and a lot of experimental projects are being funded both by governments and commercially. These range from technologies and schemes which produce small amounts of energy for local, often dedicated […]

Renewable Energy Challenges

Renewable energy sources present particular challenges for the electricity grid. For example, the performance of hydro plants is diminished in dry seasons; good wind conditions don’t generally correlate to when electricity demand is at its highest; and, of course, solar power generating technologies depend on clear sunshine. While weather prediction technologies are improving, they are […]

Water Deregulation Report 2008

Water Deregulation Report 2008 – Historical NRG Expert Energy Data Series Although the absolute figure looks large, the water and waste sector lags sadly behind other the infrastructure sectors in the private investment it receives. By the end of 2006 526 PSP projects worth a cumulative total of $53 billion had been closed in the […]

Nuclear Power from the NRG Expert Data History Series 2009

In 1965, ten years after Britain commissioned the world’s first commercial nuclear power station at Calder Hall in 1956, global consumption of nuclear energy reached six million tonnes oil equivalent (Mtoe), amounting to 0.15% of the world’s total energy consumption from all sources. This rose steadily to 637 Mtoe in 2005, 6.0% of total consumption. […]

Gas Deregulation Report Global 2002 From the NRG Expert Historical Data Series

The gas sector differs from the electricity sector in that not every country produces or uses gas, natural or manufactured, whereas every country generates and uses electricity. The transport of natural gas requires enormous investment with pipelines covering great distances, sometimes thousands of kilometers, or conversion plants and shipping for liquified natural gas (LNG). 21.7% […]