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Energy resources and production in Latin America and the Caribbean

The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean have abundant and varied energy resources, including oil (13% of world reserves), natural gas (5.4%), coal (1.6%), biomass and other renewable resources, as well as great hydropower potential (22%). This apparent abundance of reserves in the region can be misleading, however, because they are highly concentrated in […]

Opposing views on Water Deregulation – an international perspective

Those in favour of privatisation tend to see water as an economic proposition and are concerned with the failures in many countries to provide and develop basic services. They look at the economic realities of paying for it and have pragmatic views about how to do this. Governments are concerned with their responsibility to provide […]

Historical Government support for wind energy in Sweden – 2010

The following is a look back at the market for wind energy in 2010 and describes the outlooks and targets set at the time. In 2003, Sweden introduced a tradable green certificate support system, which gives producers of renewable electricity (wind, small hydro, biomass based CHP) economic support for every MWh they produce. The current […]

The Russian Coal Sector 1993-2003

Over three years starting in mid-1993, the Ministry and RosUgol planned a major restructuring of the coal sector, beginning with freeing coal prices and a reduction in state subsidies. Mines were to become self-sufficient through increases in productivity as well as from higher prices for the coal that they produced. RosUgol could then sell mines […]

Indonesian Coal Quality and Coal Reserves

Coal quality Indonesian coals are generally low in ash and sulphur, but on account of their low rank, they have a high content of volatile matter and moisture. The run-of-mine coal does not generally require preparation and simple crushing and screening suffices to produce a marketable product. The coal has nil or minimal coking properties, […]