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Statoil Markets

Natural gas produced is exported via pipelines through the Gassled system from Norway to European markets (which Statoil has a 32.1% ownership in). The majority of gas produced, around 80% to 90%, is sold through long-term contracts to large European gas utility companies and suppliers. The remaining gas is traded on the spot market and […]

Status of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Plants

Current work is focused on second generation CAES plants with potentially lower costs, higher efficiency and faster construction times. Construction of Compressed Air Energy storage (CAES) project called ADELE started in 2013 in Staßfurt in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany as part of collaboration between RWE, GE, Zueblin and German Aerospace Centre, with improved operations. A project is […]

Smart Meters

Major smart meter manufacturers have a history in the traditional metering market and were earlier movers into the smart meter market. All either produce more than meter products and/or have formed collaborations with other smart grid companies to have connections at all parts of the smart grid chain. In addition the meters they offer are […]

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