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Cost of Battery Storage Anticipated to Drop

According to a recent report by the IRENA (International Renewable Energy Association), by the year 2030, we could see the cost of battery storage drop by up to 66%. This report primarily examined the idea of static storage for batteries. However, there was also some thought given to the prospective rise in battery tech that […]

Energy Stocks about to Improve

Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors has predicted that energy stocks, which have up until now been the worst-performing in the market, have bottomed out. This means that they are in a position where they can fall no further and have a real chance of improving. Currently, energy stocks are known as a ‘style orphan’ […]

Why Students Take Online Courses

It has become common knowledge among students that getting a job is actually pretty hard. Gone are the days where all you needed was the ability to read and write to gain a reasonable employment. If you want to nab your dream career nowadays you’re going to need as many qualifications as you can get […]

Criteria for Choosing an Online Course

Choosing to embark on an online course is no light decision. Professional development qualifications are a significant investment of both time and money so you should make sure you are 100% sure about your decision before handing over any cash or signing any documents. So, how do you know that a certain course is perfect […]

How to Prepare for the GEC Exam

If there is one thing that will put someone off taking a professional development course, it is the prospect of having to do an exam at the end. We all remember the days at college or university (or both) when we would spend hours on end cramming in the library before sitting an exam we […]